5 Weird ways people defended themselves from Witch

Plenty of people around you have been superstitious and they still blame God, spirits, and demons for their ill health and misfortunes. Witch- a suspicious and mysterious woman is one of the most fantasized supernatural phenomena. People came with plenty of weird and curious methods of protecting themselves from the evil powers of ‘Witch’. Some of them are mentioned underneath: –

Witches Bottles

Also known as Spell Bottles, Witch-bottles were made ceramic or glass. Do you want to know about the elements filled inside the bottles? Some of the elements were urine, bent pins, nails, hair etc. In England and America, they were most popular during 16th and 17th century. These bottles were used for completely destroying the evil spell cast by the witch on the creator of the bottle.
Witches Balls
Bright colored sphere made of class used as a protecting shield against ill fortune, spells, and witches. These balls took more refined shape during Victorian times. It was the believe that such spheres can protect them from the curse of the witches. Though, in today’s scientific era it is really hard to believe on these types of concepts.
witch balls
Witches Marks
It was believed by people that Witches marks were the way of asking for the protection from evil spirits and witches. These marks consist of plenty of protective symbols like pentacles and compass. These marks were in full swing during the medieval house and churches.
witches marks
Written and spoken charms
Charms break or repel the spells of witches. Some of them were verbal and consist of prayers, formulas, and phrases. Germans, in Pennsylvania carried the written charms and amulets on their person. These charms were written form of the protective charm and verses of Bible sometimes.
spoken charms
Hag stones
These stones have natural hole in them. They are also known as Odin stones, or Holey stones. In Southwest England these stones have been utilized for protecting the life of people from witchcraft. These stones were used to hung above the doors of the home, or beds of the people for saving them from demons and witches that would take away their strength while sleeping. Science won’t believe it, but still there are some people who would like to go with this olden trust of defence against witchcraft.

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