Underwater Alien Bases

You would have heard plenty of times about the sightings of UFOs i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects. Similarly, Unidentified Underwater Objects (UUOs) and Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) have also become eminent due to sighting of strange lights and crafts descending into or emerging from lakes, oceans, and seas all around the globe. Experts strongly believe that there may be underwater alien bases and may be that is the reason for their sighting every now and then. Below are some of the most interesting claims in this regard: –

North Island (New Zealand)

This island has also witnessed plenty of alien objects coming out and entering into the sea. Between January-March 1995 there are so many sighting of the suspicious objects going in and coming out of the sea. On March 9, 1995, there was a daylight sighting where two fishermen silver color ball shaped craft that was emitting red stream behind it. the object vanished from their sight after 10-second.
north island
Puffin Island (Wales)
This island has become quite famous due to sighting of weird lights entering and leaving the sea. Therefore, Ufologists believe that there may an alien base underwater. Investigators strongly mentioned the flurry of sighting in the year 1974 because solid objects were seen along with the weird lights.

puffin island

puffin island

Puerto Rico
Northeasters coastline of Puerto Rico island is quite famous for the strange sounds and lights. Weird types of crafts have been seen disappearing into and coming out from the sea. There are plenty of theories and claims that Caribbean island immediate coastline is the home of alien bases underwater.

puerto rico

puerto rico

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca on the borders of Bolivia and Peru is the host to an UFO act i.e. home to a vastly advanced alien base underwater. Experts also have the same views in this regard. Tiwanaku, one of the world’s oldest cities located at the southeast shore of the Lake Titicaca. Experts state that cutting-edge level of structures, astronomy, irrigation and agriculture suggest advanced technique of building makes them believe that alien race resided here once.
Guantanamo Bay

As per the former US Marine in late 1960, there was as alien base underwater off Cuban Coast. Marine also claimed sightings of strange objects and lights. US military even managed to capture films of the sighting. Around 90 miles north of US base, Gulf Breeze, Florida, there have been n numbers of UFO listings that match with the craft description mentioned by the marine.
These sightings are still a mystery and people have different verdicts in this regard. Some believe that definitely there are alien bases underwater, while some people don’t entertain this thinking by any mean.

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