Spray paint ideas for better home decor

You can surround yourself with the most efficient, appealing and useful stuff by taking advantage of some spray paint ideas. These ideas can also be helpful in saving decent amount of money as well.

Make flower pots with metallic finish
You just need to take a conventional terra cotta pot and double coat it with spray paint of your choice. For making your pots more attractive you can decorate the pots by using the stencils or painter’s tape. Before start the painting, clean the pot in warm water as it will remove all the dust. Terra cotta pot can be porous, therefore it may require primer and after that plenty of paint coats.
Appealing wall art with spray paint
Isn’t it an amazing idea? You can make variations in this wall art as per your preferences. For instance, you can go for stencil letters, feathers, flowers etc. rather than going for the leaves. If you need to cover a large wall, then you can make 4 different canvasses in distinct shades but with the similar theme.
wall art
Colorful starburst ornaments
It can be a quite tempting option for you if you want to decorate your place with an upper crest feel. You just need to have straws and spray paint. Take 2-dozens of straws and bind them together using Zip-tie. Pull the straws out one-by-one for making a starburst; you can use several colors or a single color as the way you like. They can be hanged at the indoor tree as they are light weighted. Staple the fishing wire on end of straws for forming a loop in case you are going to use them for outdoor décor.
Plastic drawers with an elite golden finish
If you have plastic storage drawers in your home and you like to provide them an appealing look, then you can go for this idea. Bring 2 cans of gold spray paint and labels pack of metal accent for the purpose.
plastoc drawer
Give appealing stone finish to your countertops
Transform your laminate countertop into a classy stone finished countertop. You can save lots of money, time, and efforts by doing this. It is certainly a better, smarter, and cheaper option rather than investing in the reconstruction.

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