Medicinal Spice Turmeric

If you take a look at the medicinal spices, then turmeric is one of the most proficient and useful spices in this regard. It is not only used for providing a tempting yellow color to curries, but it is also enriched with plenty of health benefits. It is also considered as blood purifier and a drug for strengthening stomach. This spice holds a quite significant place among Unani practitioners.

It also carries an active ingredient named Curcumin that is derived from the stem of the turmeric plant. Curcumin carries antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic benefits.
Health benefits of turmeric: –

Plays vital role in cancer prevention
According to a research conducted in the year 2009 in Michigan University, curcumin in turmeric assists in regulating the cells by interfering molecular paths and inserting into the cells that lead to the generation of cancer. Cells become lesser vulnerable to the infections. Turmeric can be quite helpful in showing its positive impact on the cancers like polyps and colon cancer, hepatic cancer, oral cancer, HNSCC etc.

Anti-inflammatory credentials of turmeric

 Team of American and Danish researchers conducted a research and it showed that curcumin in turmeric enhances the level of CAMP i.e. Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide, it’s a kind of
protein that fights against infections and bacteria.

 Trauma and accidents that involve excessive blood loss may be the reason of inflammatory reaction. Curcumin helps in reducing the serum levels of some inflammatory proteins and
reinstate functions of body.

 It can also be quite helpful for the patients of the Rheumatic Arthritis. Painful symptoms can decrease by the right intake of Curcumin.

Diabetes Prevention
A research done in the Thailand that was published in the journal Diabetes Care stated that Curcumin can be helpful in preventing diabetes onset in the people who have the biggest risk of suffering from diabetes.

Curcumin carries the ability to fight against oxidative damage and inflammation to human body cells.

Nutritional facts of turmeric (per 100 gm)
 Carbohydrate- 64.9 gm
 Fat- 0.4 gm
 Protein- 7.8 gm
 Potassium- 2525 mg
 Phosphorus- 268 mg
 Manganese- 7.83 mg
 Magnesium- 193 mg
 Iron- 41.42 mg
 Copper- 0.6 mg
 Calcium- 183 mg

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