Medicinal attributes of Activated Charcoal

You might have seen your elders in village cleaning their teeth using the charcoal rather than commercial toothpaste. You must be surprized with it but the activated charcoal really carries medicinal attributes.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal processed with steam activation is known as Activated Carbon. It becomes an amazing absorbent because the total surface area of small piece of activated carbon increases due to existence of millions of pores in it.

Miraculous attributes and uses
Activated carbon of 1 gm can have a surface area of 15000 square foot field. It can be used for the ailment of the below mentioned issues as well: –
 Bee Stings
 Vomiting and Nausea
 Indigestion
 Diarrhoea
 Food Poisoning
 Foul Odors
 Bad Breath
 Drug Overdose

Olden day uses of activated carbon
In the year 1813, a chemist swallowed poison named Arsenic Trioxide mixed with the charcoal, and surprisingly it had no adverse effect on chemist. Egyptians found this mysterious and miraculous property of charcoal around 1500 B.C. Since that time, activated charcoal has been important part of medicinal and industrial purposes.
Plenty of old stories are there regarding activated carbon discovery. It was used by Egyptians for absorbing the foul odor from the rotten parts within intestinal area. Charcoal was prominently utilized by the navy and army surgeons by mid of 1800’s for relieving their soldiers from various types of opens cancers and for reducing their pain.

Modern day uses of activated carbon
In today’s modern era, activated carbon has plenty of uses like wound dressing, surgery markers for breast cancer, machines for liver and kidney dialysis, air scrubbers, gas filters and masks etc.
Activated Carbon is highly effective in reducing fevers related with the septic endometritis in females who had abortions.

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