Fantastic Side Of Being An Insomniac

It’s pretty OK if you are an insomniac, you know why? Here are the reasons why insomnia is amazing –


  1. You are different: Yes! You are not like everyone else who run to their bed right after the dinner. People envy you for being always awake and active, believe us.
  2. You actually make extra hours in a day: by being up all night you are actually making more time to engage in productive activities, unless you waste that precious time. Be wise; use your insomnia to be more productive and efficient. The best of your work or studies may come out of these silent odd hours.
  3. You get to explore more: yep they say, night owls may make natural amateur astronomers. Utilize your sleeplessness and explore the beautiful secrets of nature. Who knows you might end up writing a book or making a film about what you experience.
  4. You can enjoy your favourite hobby: you always wanted to try those dance moves or wanted to try painting but you can’t do it fearing others may watch and mock at you. Right? Ok do it during those late hours of night as nobody is awake.
  5. You’re the best at everything: your friends admire you because you enjoy equally whether it’s an all-nighter pulled for studies or a house party or some other reason to stay awake all night you don’t feel sleepy at all.
  6. You become a thinker: by staying up in those lonely hours you are actually left alone with your thoughts and this makes you figure out all the good and bad about yourself. You naturally start to think about how the day went to how the year/s went and thinking about past makes you learn from it.
  7. Your dreams are not just dreams: you don’t actually dream you imagine things! And this may help you think and plan better about the future.
  8. You learn to enjoy your own company: in that quietest time of the day it’s just you and yourself and surprisingly you like it! This makes you love yourself, your ideas and makes you more confident about yourself.
  9. You are au courant: as you may spend most of your time scrolling through the web pages you are always aware of the things and trends going viral on social media.
  10. A reason to be proud of: you have one more reason t be proud of yourself as you belong to the secret club of insomniacs. Not everyone has the ability to stay awake all night and behave normal all day, every day. Insomnia is not a disease, it’s a talent. J
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