5 Famous Adopted Celebrities

Do you know that some of the renowned celebrities were adopted? Yes, here you are about to know about some of the eminent names from all around the world who were adopted. Let’s start the list of adopted celebrities.

Bill Clinton
He doesn’t require any recognition as he is already quite eminent all around the globe. Bill’s father died in a car accident before 3 months before the birth of Bill. He was left to be raised by his grandparents as his mother moved to New Orleans for nursing profession. She married Roger Clinton, Sr. when she returned and he adopted Bill as his own son.
Nelson Mandela
Whole world knows about his legendry life and praiseworthy works. He was born in Thembu sub-tribe in Mvezo, South Africa. Till the age of 9, he was raised by his birth parents. After that his father died. He was adopted by the Jongintaba, who was the Thembu chief.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple was born in San Francisco to Swiss/German Catholic and Syrian Muslim. Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali were not married at that time and their parents were not pleased with their relationship. Therefore, he was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs.
Marilyn Monroe
She also has one more name i.e. Norma Jean Baker; though most of the people know her by the name Marilyn Monroe. She stayed away from her mother till around age of seven as her mother was working and unable to take care of her. When she went to stay with her mother, then she became mentally unstable and was shifted to hospital. Marilyn was adopted by the best friend of her mother.
Eddie Murphy
His mother was his only companion in his childhood. His father died in stabbing when Eddie was just 8 years old. Soon after that his mother got ill and he was compelled into foster care system for one year.

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