Dos and Don’ts for oily skin

Are you suffering with breakouts, greasy texture, and excess shine on your face? Then it clearly indicates you have oily skin. It will definitely be good for you to know the Dos and Don’ts for oily skin.

Dos for oily skin:
Blotting paper can be good for you– You may find it difficult to have time for washing your face during day. It will be even harder for women with makeup. According to dermatologists you can use blotting paper for extra oil absorption from your face, rather than washing your face. Blotting paper is better option than paper towel because it is enriched with little quantity of powder as well that evens the skin color.

Oil-free foundations can be the right pick– Using oil-free foundation can be helpful for you as it can protect your skin-pores from clogging. Powdered blush would be a better option rather than the cream formula.

Use retinoid products at night-time– Prescribed or over-the-counter, retinoid products can be quite effective in restricting excess oil production in your skin. Lesser oil production results in lesser production of sebum and also in reducing blackheads.

Wash your face with Salicylic-acid enriched cleansers– You can easily shop for the cleansers enriched with Salicylic-acid. It helps in removing the fats responsible for pore-clogging.

Don’ts for oily skin:
Do not moisturize– Rather than moisturizing you should go for serum or gel enriched with anti-ageing attributes. There are plenty of gel and serum available in the market for you to choose from.

Do not use milk cleansers– If you use milk or creamy cleansers, then your skin will suffer with excess oil deposit on its surface. Therefore, you should prefer Salicylic cleansers. You can also go for glycolic cleanser as well.

Do not over-wash your skin– If you think that washing your face plenty of times is the good option for your oily skin, then you are completely wrong. You may lose essential oils from your skin if you wash it too frequently.

Do not depend on SPF powders– Such powders don’t carry the needed amount of SPF in them so it will be better for you, not depending on them. You have to use 15x of the powder you generally use in order to get the SPF benefit from such powders.

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