Coriander…a herb loaded with healthy attributes

It also has several other names like parsley, cilantro etc. Coriander comes in daily use for providing a decorative touch to your food.

Nutritional properties and medical significance of coriander makes it more effective. Coriander has already been the part of ancient medicines. It was used for medicinal purpose in Greece, Rome, Egypt along with India. Coriander is geared up with anti-bacterial properties as it was used by the British for preserving the meat. Coriander was used with vinegar and cumin for meat preservation by British.

Know about the nutritional richness of coriander
A coriander bunch carries the below mentioned nutrients in it: –
 Iron- 22%
 Manganese- 18%
 Vitamin K- 258%
 Vitamin A- 225%
 Folates- 15%
 Vitamin C- 45%
 Vitamin- B6- 11%

Health benefits of coriander

 Loaded with anti-oxidants coriander can be quite effective for you. Along with that, they are good source of dietary fibres as well. It can also be helpful in increasing the level of
good cholesterol and reducing the level of bad cholesterol in body.

 Seeds and leaves of coriander are enriched with plenty of significant volatiles oil like Terpinolene, Pinene, Phellandrene, Dipentene, Cymene, Terpineol, Cineole, Linalol, and Borneol

 Peristaltic movement and digestion of your body can get improved with the essential oils available in coriander.

 Its leaves can be used as a cleansing agent that can help in cleansing toxic agents from your body.

 It is also loaded with plenty of minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese.

 It plays a vital role in treating Alzheimer by restricting the neuronal damage of brain.

 Anti-bacterial attribute of this herb protects from bacterial infections like Salmonella etc.

 Alcoholics can get highly benefited with it as it helps in repairing the failed liver due to immense consumption of alcohol.

 It can also be helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and in maintaining the healthy insulin level in diabetic patients.

It is crystal clear that coriander is far more beneficial than what you think. It adds more taste to your food and along with several other health benefits.



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