5 styling tips to get more fashionable and elegant look

Men or women both like to follow the latest fashion trends. Right fashion adds more appeal and elegance to your persona. Do you like to know about the techniques that can give a new definition to your ecstasy and elegance? Let’s take a look at them:

Your waist-belt can do the magic: You can enrich your dress with an elite class style. Try a belt-knot with distinct look. It will certainly add more class and appeal to your presence. Your outfit will be geared up with a new and alluring character by all means.

Wear your scarf smartly: N numbers of ways are there regarding scarf-tie. You should be well aware about some of the most stylish ways of how to tie a scarf. If you like, then you can go for the below mentioned way as it can uplift your style remarkably well.

Enrich your jeans with creative patchwork: You can make your jeans a real classy by covering holes of your jeans with creative patchwork. If you think that it will take too much time and effort, then your perception is wrong in this regard. Just attach a patch by using heat n bond and then enrich it with a classy embroidery. It will look so charming and classy on your jeans.

Turn your normal shoe in to Cap-toe: This styling idea is highly effective and it will give and elite look to your shoes. You have no need to purchase pocket-biting cap toe shoes from the market when you can make them at your home. For instance, you have brown flats as mentioned in the image, then you can use golden color. Cover the shoe with news-paper or tape quite tightly except toes. Spray the color and let it dry. After some time, you will get your home-made cap toe shoes.

Give J. Crew look to your sleeves: Fold sleeves, roll them, tug the corners, and scrunch to get the renowned J. Crew look. This appearance will make people aware about your top notch fashion sense and styling.

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