5 Myths About Dogs We Strongly Believe

Myth 1- Dogs are happy when they wag their tails
It is a common belief that dogs wag their tails when they feel happy. Though, this belief is not wrong completely, but story can be different in many cases. Dogs don’t have different facial expressions for showing their emotions. Therefore, they use their tails for expressing their flow of emotions. You can know about your dog’s emotions by the movement of tail. For instance, if tail of your dog tucked between legs then it indicates ‘Fear’. You need to pay attention on wag postures of your dog. If the tail is standing high and wagging gradually, then it indicates ‘Caution’. So, in such case it will be better for you to maintain the distance, especially when you are not too familiar with the dog. If the tail is wagging desperately and lowered, then it means dog is about to fight or run. Don’t be afraid all the time if dog starts wagging its tail, as it can be for showing affection to you.
Myth 2- Dogs with wet nose are healthy
Usually dog owners believe if their dogs have wet nose, then they are healthy. But there is another side to the scene i.e. dogs with dry and warm nose could also be healthy. You should understand that dampness and temperature of dogs’ nose change on day to day basis. So, you have no need to worry if your dog has dry nose. Similarly, you shouldn’t feel relaxed if your dog has wet nose because such dog could also be suffering from a lethal disease. It will be good for you to keep a close eye on behavior, eating, and drinking habits of your dog. If you find some weird change in them, then take them to experts for the solution.
wet nose
Myth 3- Dogs start eating grass when they are ill
Dogs eat grass because of a condition named ‘Pica’ that creates desire in dogs to have anything carries the minerals and nutrients they are lacking. Pica can also occur if your dog is surrounded by the boredom. Territorial factors can also be the reason for your dog eating grass. It can also be the case that dogs like taste of grass. As we like and appreciate different types of tastes, similarly grass is liked by the dogs. So, don’t worry if your dog is eating grass.
Myth 4- Larger dogs have longer life-span
This is not true by any mean. If you like to have a dog with longer life-span, then you should go for small dogs rather than the big ones. Larger dogs grow almost five times faster than humans, and this speedy growth make them short lived because they age quickly. If you like to enjoy the togetherness of your pet for plenty of years, then go for the smaller dogs.
Myth 5- It is right to wake up your dog if it is having a nightmare
If you do this, then stop it straight away because it can be harmful for the health of your loving dog. During sleep dogs show rapid eye movement. It is a kind of sleep humans have while dreaming. Like you, your dog also requires sufficient amount of deep sleep and if it can’t get that, then it won’t provide good results. So, don’t interrupt in their deep sleep as it is quite essential for their overall growth and development.
sleeping dog

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