4 New discoveries at eminent monuments across the globe

Do you like to visit the monuments? If yes, then you would definitely become interested in these new discoveries regarding eminent monuments. Below are some of the recent discoveries in this regard: –

Giza Pyramid
It became an unexpected surprize while measuring the Great Giza Pyramid. You will be surprized to know that it is uneven. Though, it is not like strapping the measuring tape around the pyramid base. A large part is missing, including the authentic size of this antique monument. Base of the pyramid is 5.6 -inches (14.1 cm) longer on the west side in comparison to the east side.
A full excavation done near Stonehenge. It found Bronze Age Cave loaded with copper chisel, bronze saw, cremated human remains etc. Artifacts related to archery such as shaft straighteners and wrist guards suggests that the person could have been a tradesman or archer who crafted equipment for archery. Archaeologists suggest that these artifacts are about 4000-year old.
Salisbury Plain
Salisbury Plain shares its surroundings with active badger groups. Soldiers of the rehabilitation program found something really interesting here. It wasn’t only significant for them but for the history as well. The Rifles troop found burials of 27 soldiers. These burials carried Anglo-Saxon males’ remains buried with weapons and personal stuff dating to 6th century.
salisbury plain
Olden city of Knossos
It is also known as the oldest city in Europe and it was made by Minoan culture. It is now revealed that Bronze age metropolis scale was three times larger than thought previously and covers large part of Knossos valley. Tombs discovered recently contained imported stuff that clearly shows that this city was the trade center and dream of every shopper.

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