4 Amazing facts about Pokemon Go

There is a lot of buzz regarding Pokemon Go these days. Pokemon was created in the year 1995. Players in this game navigate mythical land for catching the pocket monsters of different appearances and ability. After that, the players train them to conquest other monsters in the battle. Pokemon is the second most successful franchise regarding video games in the world.
This was the scene before July 6th 2016, when Pokemon Go mobile app was released. It just took 5-hour to top the download. Below are some of the amazing facts about this app: –

Harmful fake versions are also there
Due to immense demand, some users have had trouble to get this game. Some people wanted to download the game at any cost, therefore they downloaded the game from the third party servers, and they have some additional baggage attached to them. So, it will be good for you to download the authentic version from a trusted source.
It may leave behind all social networks
For situating players on map, this game uses GPS. It displays on smart phones of the players as they navigate real world for catching the Pokemon. Gamers are deeply attached to this game, and they are not mere downloading it, playing it, and forgetting, but they are highly engaged to this game.
Nintendo can get transformed completely
Market value of Nintendo has increased by 60% within the six days of release of Pokemon Go. Nintendo owns 32% stake in Pokemon company. These are really good signs for Nintendo.
Addictive gaming with good exercise

Though, it is not a sports-themed or physical fitness game, even then it can be good for the fitness of the players as they have to move around, Pokémon will appear on their GPS map. This game is a real fun along with some physical exercise for you.

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